Bal Bharati family has committed and qualified teachers and supporting staff whose passion for excellence is apparent in their domains. Each faculty member is both a teacher and a scholar, an expert in his or her own field. Their experience combined with the constant training offered to them at Bal Bharati results in lessons being taught differently, children being encouraged to come up with creative responses, and showing that learning is fun and interactive. Outside the classrooms, our teachers act as guides and counselors to our students, often helping them deal with 'growing up' issues, further strengthening the bond between our students and the faculty. And this special relationship translates into The  Bal Bharati Public School becoming a happy centre of learning.

School Faculty

Session 2021-22

S. No. Subjects Faculty Members
1 English Ms. Sheena S Thomas (Coordinator)
Ms. Anika Singh
2 Mathematics Ms. Bharti Choudhary (Coordinator)

Maths Teacher

3 Hindi & Sanskrit Mr. Yadav Arunkumar Chandrajeet (Coordinator)

Mr. Sourav Dey

4 Odia  Odia Teacher (Coordinator)
Ms. Kasmita Ojha
5 Social Science/EVS Ms. Simi Sen (Coordinator)
 Ms. Sonia Gupta
6 Montessori Ms. Sonali Kumari Pandey (Coordinator)
Ms. Suman Kumari Khute
7 Performing Arts

(Music & Dance)

Mr. Sudip Kumar Biswas (Coordinator)
Mr. Abhishek Mishra
8 Science Ms. Reena Rani Garnayak
9 Computer Science Computer Teacher
10 Physical Education/Sports Mr. Anil Kumar
11 Art & Craft  Mr. Jaydeb Pal
12 Special Educator Ms. Kasmita Ojha
13 Counsellor New Counsellor
14 Library Mr. Shahrukh Khan


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