House System

The aim of any school is to develop in each child the qualities of self-confidence, leadership, mutual understanding, cooperation, and public speaking. To provide opportunities for teamwork and healthy competition in sports, academics, literary and cultural activities, the school is divided into four houses.

1. ASHOKA Peace and Non-violence is eternal BLUE
2. SHASTRI Dignity of labor YELLOW
3. SHIVAJI Embrace the world with a brave spirit ORANGE
4. SUBHASH Let freedom dwell in each soul RED


Each House is further sub-divided into a sub-Junior and Junior wing to give the opportunity to a larger number of students to participate in inter-house activities and competitions. These activities are conducted under the supervision and guidance of teachers. The students share responsibilities as representatives.

Session 2021-22

SL. No. Houses House Masters
1. Ashoka House Ms. Bharti Choudhary (Housemaster)
New Music Teacher
Ms. Suman Kumari Khute
Mr. Pritam Kumar Pati
2. Shivaji House Ms. Shibani Seth (Housemaster)
Mr. Sudip Kumar Biswas
Ms. Pooja Ghosh
Ms. Kasmita Ojha
3. Subhash House Ms. Sheena Thomas (Housemaster)
Mr. Abhijit Nandy
Ms. Sonali Kumari Pandey
School Counsellor
4. Shastri House Ms Sonia Gupta (Housemaster)
Mr. Yadav Arunkumar Chandrajeet
Mr. Akhil Kumar Behera
Mr. Soumen Dutta

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