Safety & Security

   Safety & Security

S      eek safety

A       im safety

     F       ollow safety

   E      nsure safety

  T      each safety

Y      ield safety

The safety of each child in the school is the combined responsibility of the school and the parents. Competent staff, vigilant support staff and trained security officer monitor and ensure safety and security in each area of the school.

  • Please ensure that the children wear their students I-Cards at all times.
  • No child will be allowed to enter the school premises before 7:15 a.m.
  • A child, after entering school once, will not be allowed to leave the school before the school dispersal timings. This will be permitted only in case of extreme emergencies.
  • Parents are requested to ensure that the telephone number in school records is operational to facilitate smooth correspondence.
  • Please ensure that the students do not carry any hazardous or pointed objects like scissors, lead pencils etc. to the school. The students in the primary classes only require a scale and a protractor during the Geometry periods. Please don' t send a compass with them.
  • It is emphasized that the children should not move out of the classroom alone at any point of time.
  • Parents are requested to ensure the reliability and authenticity of the van drivers in case their child travels by van or cab. That is a provision made by the parents autonomously. You are also required to ensure the reliability of the person when you assign to drop or pick your child in case of your absence (on emergencies only) and intimate the school before hand along with the person identity card and photograph..
  • Guards are posted on all the gates during the day and at night to check the security and safety of the School and children.
  • Visitors Record book is maintained at the School Gate and visitor’s passes are issued to anyone coming to School.
  • Out pass/Gate pass system is followed in School where in every person going out be it teacher or student has to deposit a pass signed by the Principal at the gate .Under this system , reason and time for the student going out and coming inside the School is maintained.



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