School Uniform- Primary & Middle


The School has its own uniform. Every student has to come in proper school uniform only.

Pre-School to Class-VIII

Summer uniform


  1. Shirt –white, half sleeves with collar
  2. Trousers/shorts (school pattern).
  3. Socks-grey with blue stripes.
  4. Shoes-black sports shoes (action, Bata, reebok).
  5. School belt-blue/grey.
  6. White turban for Sikh students.


  1. Shirt white, half sleeves with collar & pocket badge.
  2. Skirt (school pattern).
  3. Socks grey with blue strips.
  4. School belt navy blue and grey.
  5. Black sports shoes (action, Bata, reebok).
  6. Ribbon, hair-band (black).
  7. Cycling shorts (navy blue /black).


Winter Uniform

      Boys & girls

  1. Shirt white full sleeves with collar.
  2. Trousers /skirt (school pattern).
  3. Pull over grey, V-neck with blue stripes.
  4. School tie.
  5. School belt.
  6. Socks grey long woollen.
  7. Black sports shoes (Action, Bata, Reebok).

Tie to be worn in winter season.






(a) Boys

  • Shirt blue check half sleeves.
  • Navy blue shorts.
  • Socks grey with blue stripes
  • School belt.
  • Shoes Black-(Action, Bata, Adidas)


(b) Girls

(i), (iii), (iv), (v)   Same as for boys

(ii) Tunic Navy blue with check shirt, cycling shorts (navy blue/black).

  • Black hair-band/ hair pins / rubber bands.




(a) Boys

  • Shirt Blue Check, full sleeves
  • Trousers Blue worsted
  • Pullover Grey
  • Socks Grey high leg
  • Belt as per school design
  • School tie (Compulsory)
  • Shoes Black-(Action, Bata, Adidas)
  • Grey Cap

(b) Girls

(i), (iii), (iv), (v), (vi), (vii) Same as boys

(viii) Grey scarf

Note : Coloured caps, slacks, jackets, gloves etc.  not to be worn

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