Sports & Games

Physical fitness and wellbeing is the most important aspect of a healthy life. The school focuses on providing the best sports and games training to the young aspirants which is equally significant for their holistic development.

Sports Activity Calendar 2021-22

























Activity Objectives Co-ordinator Learning Outcome
April Class IV-VIII  

Bat and Ball Tossing


To improve eye and hand coordination  


















Mr. Abhijit Nandy


·  Physical Fitness

·  Kinesthetics Skills

May & June




Class III-V  

Toss Boss


Improve eye and hand coordination by tossing an object ·  Team work

·  Self confidence

July Mont-I-II Yoga Delight To improve strength, coordination and body balance ·  Fitness, Body Balance and Mental Balance
August Class-I-VIII


Wheel of Fitness Fortune


To improve strength, coordination and balance ·  Fitness and Body Balance
October Class IV-VIII Marching Drills To improve fundamental concept of March Past ·  Physical Strength and Fitness
November Class I-III Relay Race To meet challenges and tricks to win race ·  Physical Strength
December Class IV-VIII Core Strength Challenge  To activate core muscles and improve cardiovascular endurance ·  Physical Strength

·  Team spirit

·  Cooperation

January Mont- I-II Broad Jump Challenge To improve maximum strength of lower limbs ·  Physical Strength

·  Team work

February Class IV-VIII Suryanamaskar To provide positive sense and improve flexibility through Yoga ·  Body Posture and movements
March Mont I-II Plate Tapping Challenge To improve eye hand coordination ·  Hand and Eye Coordination

·  Neuro-muscular movements

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