Best Practice

  • Daily Morning Exercise - Students are made to perform a few physical fitness exercises daily to inculcate good habits.
  • Mass Participation - All the students are motivated & encouraged to participate in various curricular and co-curricular activities for their over all development & growth.
  • School Clubs/Vocational Training - Every student is a member of one club as per their interest, caliber & recommendation by the class teacher. They learn things by practically doing. Thus, the concept is of experimental learning.
  • English Language Enhancement & Enrichment Programme - The School prepares worksheets & interesting activities to enhance communication skills of the students which is directly proportional to personality development & confidence building.
  • School Prayer - All the students sing the hymns & School prayer daily an offering to Almighty.
  • Parent-Teacher Interface - The School focuses an collaborative work & teaching. Thus, to execute the same, a Parent-Teacher Interface is formed through discussions for the betterment of the students.
  • Vertical Garden - The school proposes to form a vertical garden in the school campus to give the opportunities to the students to explore glove & bio-diversity.

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